For a Healthier, Cleaner Sleep

At CleanBrands, our sole mission is to help you get a better night’s sleep. And not just better, but healthier. We design and manufacture the world’s most advanced and medically effective allergy bedding-barrier products.

How it happened...

The idea for CleanRest®started when my oldest child began suffering from night time breathing and sleeping difficulties. Numerous doctors agreed that his problems were due to the harmful micro-toxins, allergens and dust mites that live inside everyone's mattress and pillows. I decided to use my textile-science background to help my son.

My family has three generations of experience designing and manufacturing some of the world's finest high-performance fabrics. Armed with this knowledge, I created MicronOne® fabric technology, the first fabric that's able to block even the tiniest microtoxins, creating a breathable barrier between you and them.

What is CleanRest®?

CleanRest® is a family of products designed to provide the user with the cleanest, healthiest sleep possible. CleanRest® features an advanced technology called MicronOne®, which offers the highest level of protection available today. It protects you from all microscopic toxins that exist naturally in every bed and pillow. Each square inch of the patented MicronOne® fabric contains about 3 billion pores; a weave so tiny moisture can’t get in and micro-toxins can’t get to you. It creates a breathable, yet effective barrier between you and what’s in your bedding. CleanRest® provides protection from bed bugs and bed wetting, creating the cleanest and safest sleep environment possible. CleanRest® products include mattress encasements, pillow encasements, allergy-free pillows, comforters and duvet encasements, which all give complete 360° coverage against allergens. This revolutionary new product is the quickest, simplest way to improve your sleep.

It’s a great feeling to know I have helped my children, and in the process improved my whole family's well-being. Now I have the opportunity to help do the same for you and your family. I invite you to try our CleanRest® products and start experiencing a new level of healthy sleep and peace of mind


Sweet dreams start with healthy sleep—and we wish you the best.