Bed Bug Box Spring Covers

What are Bed Bug Box Spring Covers?

When it comes to bed bug box spring covers for the treatment or prevention of bed bug infestations, as well as reducing the effect of allergen and micro-toxin build up, there are two key features that you should focus on in your decision making process: efficacy and durability.

Box springs are constructed with a large, dark and hollow center which is the perfect environment for harboring bed bugs. During the day, bed bugs look to take shelter in spaces where they can stay close to a potential blood meal during the evening. As a result, the inside area of a box spring is an ideal environment for bed bugs to hide and breed. Bed bug box spring covers are designed to trap remaining bed bugs within the covers and starve them. They also prevent any future bed bugs from entering the box spring to start a new infestation. 

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What Makes a High-Quality Bed Bug Box Spring Cover?

It is so very important that the box spring cover you are using has been independently certified to block bed bugs during a live insect escape trial. (See more information about our third party test reports here)

In addition to your bed bug proof box spring cover being certified and tested for escape, you want to examine its durability. Any bed bug proof box spring cover that you intend to use should feature a system designed to prevent ripping that may be caused by box spring support structures and their sharp edges.

In addition to the tear resistant felt pads to reduce ripping, look for a box spring cover that comes with a warranty comparable to other products in its class. CleanRest® bed bug box spring encasements feature the best warranties available. So you can purchase a CleanRest® box spring cover with confidence knowing it’s designed to perform, last a long time and is being supplied by a company that will stand behind it.

Bed Bug Box Spring Cover Efficacy

When it comes to bed bug box spring covers, efficacy is the most important characteristics.

Bed Bug Box Spring Cover Durability

As any pest control operator or homeowner knows: box spring covers tear. The edges of box springs, which have scratched many a furniture mover, make covers particularly susceptible to being torn. 

That just won't do for bed bug treatment and prevention. Bed bug covers work in two ways:

  • Treatment: by completely encasing the mattress of box spring, they trap bed bugs permanently and stop them from being able to feed, killing them in the process.

  • Prevention: they stop bed bugs from ever setting up shop in your mattress and box springs. 

If you purchase a poor quality bed bug box spring cover, it's going to tear. If that happens, you have wasted your time and money. 

How do our Bed Bug Box Spring Covers Work?

Box springs, also called foundations, are usually placed on metal frames and other support structures that may have sharp edges. These edges can easily tear into covers leaving them ineffective in stopping bed bugs from entering and exiting.

CleanRest® bed bug box spring covers are shipped with a set of adhesive felt pads which can be placed around the corners of the bed frame. These felt pads will reduce the possibility of ripping and tearing the cover which will also provide a more effective long term solution for your sleep protection. 

Additionally, every bed bug cover product from CleanRest® features our patented Zip-n-Click enclosure system

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For pest control companies:

As a pest control operator your technicians depend on quality products that are proven effective in the field, time after time. CleanRest® branded mattress, box spring and pillow covers are a proven winner in entombing any treated bedding eliminating the chance of left over live insects from re-infesting a freshly treated area.

In addition, CleanRest® bed bug covers make an excellent first line of defense for your clients who have been trained to regularly inspect their property for the first signs of an infestation.  CleanRest’s MicronOne® fabric technology creates a smooth, clean and white surface making early detection easy. Early detection means a less deep infestation and a less costly and time consuming pest control job.

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Providing your clients with covers can be a proactive measurement that your customers will thank you for in the long run.

For parents, homeowners, and individuals:

CleanRest® bed bug covers protect you and your family from harmful allergens, micro-toxins, dust mites and bed bugs and their fecal matter that build up over time in any mattress, box spring, and pillow. CleanRest® is the world’s most trusted and technically advanced sleep bedding protection product line, featuring patented MicronOne® fabric technology. Each CleanRest® product line comes with different attributes, features and benefits at different price points to suit your needs and budget.

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