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Online Bedbug Encasement Discussions, Who to Believe?

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I joined a few bed bug forums on LinkedIn to try and better understand what the thinking is around managing bed bug related issues.  Everything from from consumers who have been bitten and are concerned with health related issues to Pest Control Operators and there need to understand best practices associated with results, costs and customer satisfaction.  This week there was an "expert" who published a blog piece about bed bug encasements which was also shared in a LinkedIn Bed Bug Forum area.  I found the article interesting, thought provoking one specific section of the Q&A format hit the mark for me and the work I have invested in at CleanBrands. 

Top 5 Bed Bug Tips for Pest Control Operators – May Edition

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One of the busiest times of the year for bed bug treatments is approaching. Whether this means increased business for your pest control company will depend on your firm’s ability to maximize its bed bug treatments’ efficiency. Here are five tips for doing so.

New York City’s Guide for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

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New York City is crowded, filled with multi-unit housing, and bustling with tourists. For many people, these qualities just signify that New York is a major city. However, for those who know about bed bugs and how they spread, the realities of New York life indicate that it is one of the world’s largest breeding grounds for bed bugs. It should come as no surprise to those in the pest control industry that New York City is consistently ranked as one of the most bed bug-infested cities in the country.

7 Bed Bug Prevention Tips

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Even though bed bugs aren’t considered a seasonal pest, studies and surveys have shown that pest control professionals get more calls about bed bug infestations during the summer months. Here are seven ways to ensure that you won’t have to make one of those calls this summer.

It's Time to All Agree: Bed Bug Bombs Don't Work

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It’s easy to understand why bed bug bombs are appealing to so many people. Everybody likes quick, cheap, and painless fixes, and bed bug bombs purport to be just that. However, it’s clear that, like many things, bed bug bombs and foggers are simply too good to be true.

How Hotels Cause Bed Bugs to Spread

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Hotels are bed bug hives.

Bed Bugs Aren’t Going Anywhere – They’re Increasing

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People are conditioned to expect inconsistency. Whether it is the stock market or the weather, individuals anticipate and understand that today may have little resemblance to tomorrow. As a result, people often overlook trends, pointing to one of life’s most powerful–and indisputable—constants, unpredictability, instead of examining the information and analysis available to them.

6 Signs of a Bed Bug Rash

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You wake up one morning with a few red marks on your right arm. You wonder what has caused this malady—spiders? Mosquitoes? You resolve to shut your windows and clean your kitchen. Then you realize this could be the sign of something far worse; this could be the early signs of a bed bug infestation.

How to Be Prepared for Increased Bed Bug Customers This Summer

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For costume retailers, it’s October. For flower shops, it’s the spring. And for pest control companies, it’s the summer. Every industry looks forward to a certain time of the year when business is booming, and the pest control industry is certainly no different. Bed bug treatments are one of the core services that pest control companies offer to customers, and they are needed the most when temperatures rise.

How to Treat Bedbug Bites

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Waking up with clusters of red bites on arms, shoulders, and legs isn’t a very pleasant way for people to start their mornings. Unfortunately, the proliferation of bed bug infestations ensures that more and more individuals will be forced to start their days with these itchy bites covering various parts of their bodies.

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