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Zip-N-Click System

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Our Zip-N-Click closure system makes installation and inspection easy and effective for your staff.  Zip-N-Click is the only closure that alerts the user when properly installed.

MicronOne® Fabric

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MicronOne® technology
our patented fabric material used in the manufacture of CleanRest products,
 protects you from allergens, microtoxins, dust mites, and bed bugs.

Hotels & Hospitality Industry

Let Your Guests Count Sheep, Not Bed Bugs

When the world’s largest publicly-traded pest control company searched for a bed bug proof encasement provider, their search ended with CleanBrands.

Let Your Guests Count Sheep, not Bed Bugs!A bed bug infestation is guaranteed to upset your guests - and potentially incite a barrage of negative customer reviews.

Don't let that come back to bite you.

CleanBrands offers an innovative line of bedding protection and encasement products, specifically designed to prevent bed bugs from spreading and to help protect your bedding and furniture from future infestations. Our patented technology safeguards your guests against bed bugs and microtoxins, protects your mattress from spills, and promotes a hygienic environment for healthier sleep.

It all happens with MicronOne®, the smallest pore structure available in any fabric on the market. CleanRest® encasements come in a variety of quality and performance levels specifically designed to meet your property's specific needs. 

    • CleanRest® Simple encasements offers certified bed bug protection designed to meet the basic needs of most economy properties and housing. 
    • CleanRest® Pro encasements are a completely waterproof product, specifically designed for serious asset protection, it has a stretch sidewall that expands from 12" to 21" high eliminating the need for multiple sizes and guess work.
    • CleanRest® Premium encasements offer our highest level of comfort with our Micro-Lux sleep surface, our softest, coolest fabric ever.  

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Don't compromise your property with poorly engineered productsinsist on Zip-N-Click™!

An encasement is only as effective as its point of closure, where the zipper terminates to the encasement sidewall.  If there is any small opening or the zipper isn't secured properly, bed bugs will enter and harbor inside the encasement during the day and feed on your guests at night. Our patented Zip-N-Click™ closure system allows for foolproof installation by your housekeeping staff, insuring your property enjoys the protection you have chosen to invest in.

In addition, the high-contrast green zipper pull is easily viewed through the Zip-N-Click inspection window, making installation and maintenance inspection fast and accurate. Competitors offer small zipper devices, bra hooks, buttons and velcro which require advanced dexterity are undersized and require additional inspection by the installer. Zip-N-Click™ provides immediate feedback to the installer, if you feel and hear our Zip-N-Click report a "click" then you know installation has been successful.   

Why Encasements?

• Protect your guests from bed bugs and common allergens.

• Protect your bedding investment for minimal additional costs.

Increase early detection of bed bug infestations while decreasing potential legal liability.

• Prevent bed bugs infestations from occurring in the first place. 

• Promote healthy living; by helping to reduce exposure to allergens, microtoxins, and mold.

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About Box Spring Encasements*

CleanBrands offers two quality levels of box springs encasements: CleanRest® Simple Box Spring encasement and CleanRest® Pro Box Spring encasement. Both quality levels enjoy our patented Zip-N-Click closure system, and both come with over-sized felt adhesive squares to be placed on the corners of the bed frame to avoid rips, tears, and punctures of the encasement fabric.

Our CleanRest® Simple Box Spring encasement is made from a durable non-woven material which is not launder-able while our CleanRest® Pro Box Spring encasement is made from a robust polyester-knitted construction that is both machine washable and extremely durable.

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