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Why Should You Buy Your Next Encasements from CleanBrands?

Because we are changing the rules of how you and your business should be treated!

  • Buying direct from us, the manufacturer saves you money and helps drive your profits and with our online web ordering portal, you can purchase product, track shipments and verify payments, all from one easy to use web site. 

  • Our Good, Better, Best product selection means you will have the right product for every customer. CleanRest® Simple, Pro or Premium, we have a product and a price point for every job you will encounter.

  • The best warranties in the business. Don’t get caught with additional unexpected expenses from underperforming products and lousy warranties.  CleanBrands stands behind its products and will quickly replace any defective unit or a unit that doesn’t your performance expectation.

  • No Minimum Orders. Tired of getting stuck with extra inventory that eats up your cash flow, who really needs a case quantity of California Kings?  With CleanBrands, our minimum order is 1 unit, now that’s a real difference.
  • Innovative Products with best-in-class solutions. From our patented MicronOne® fabrics to our innovative Zip-N-Click closure system, our products will save you time, money and most importantly, help you deliver a world class customer experience.  That will keep your phone ringing with repeat business and that makes everyone happy. 


Elevate the Conversation with Your Customers!

By teaching the potential customer about the long-term beneifts of Healthy Sleep, your Pest Control Company can:

1. Provide Customers with Helpful Information and education that can improve their health and overall wellbeing.

2. Increase the Likelihood of Incremental Sales for good reasons, beyond seasonal swings of pest control services .

3. Improve the Brand Image and Loyalty among customers, as a local company who truly cares for its clients.

Increase profits and customer satisfaction, choose CleanRest® encasements for your next job

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Depending on your customer’s budget and performance requirement, CleanBrands has the right bed bug proof encasement product for you.

    • For cost-effective, independently certified bed bug protection, try our CleanRest® Simple encasements. Our CleanRest® Simple line is well suited for price sensitive customers, and comes with a best-in-class warranty compared to all other economy products on the market. Saving money doesn't have to mean compromising on quality.
    • For customers who need serious asset protection, try our CleanRest® Pro encasement products. Completely waterproof and washable, Pro encasements have a 15 year warranty against product failure. With an expandable sidewall construction, you won’t have to worry about having the right product on hand for your next call. All CleanRest® Pro products have a sidewall that stretches from 12” to 21”, thus reducing the inventory you will need to carry and simplifying the way you sell encasements. Featuring our MicroPlush top fabric, infused with MicronOne® technology, CleanRest® Pro is the most breathable, waterproof mattress encasement available.
    • For your high-end customers and luxury residential clients, choose CleanRest® Premium encasements, made with our MicroLux super-soft, water-resistant sleep surface. No other fabric provides this level of comfort, and no other encasement can compete with our LIFETIME warranty included with every CleanRest® Premium encasement sold.

All three product types feature our patented, labor saving Zip-N-Click closure system, designed to make installation a foolproof process. Ease your concerns about technician error and increase your customer’s satisfaction and trust with your company. Zip-N-Click is the only closure mechanism that can be inspected from a distance without touching or moving the zipper. 

About Box Spring Encasements*

CleanBrands offers two quality levels of box springs encasements: CleanRest® Simple Box Spring encasement and CleanRest® Pro Box Spring encasement. Both quality levels enjoy our patented Zip-N-Click closure system, and both come with over-sized felt adhesive squares to be placed on the corners of the bed frame to avoid rips, tears, and punctures of the encasement fabric.

Our CleanRest® Simple Box Spring encasement is made from a durable non-woven material which is not launder-able while our CleanRest® Pro Box Spring encasement is made from a robust polyester-knitted construction that is both machine washable and extremely durable.

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