Locks Zipper in Place to Keep Allergens and Bed Bugs Out!

Zipper Encasement Zipper Mattress Encasement Zip-N-Click blocks out allergens and bed bugs.
Lock zipper in place to keep bed bugs out with easy installation. Pull zipper over the holding post. Zipper is pushed into opening. Close Zip-N-Click™, when you hear it click, you know it's locked!

CleanBrands' patented zipper enclosure device provides guaranteed benefits, including:

1. Easy to install, requiring less dexterity than other encasement solutions.

2. Ensures proper installation by providing user with audible response.

3. Quick inspections for property managers with its transparent top and contrasting zipper pull.

4. Securely locked with extra zip-ties included.

5. Independently tested with live bed bugs; Reports available upon request.

Zip-N-Click Blocks Allergens, Microtoxins, Dust Mites, and Bed Bugs

With our patented Zip-N-Click™ closure system, CleanBrands provides added security by ensuring that dust mites and bed bugs cannot enter or escape the encasement at its most vulnerable point. Independently tested and verified, the Zip-N-Click™ is designed with advanced durable materials and is fully machine washable. 

For the pest control professional or anyone installing a CleanRest encasement, this device provides an audible click when closed, which notifies the installer that the zipper has been securely locked in place. In fact, property inspection is easy, thanks to its transparent plastic cover: If you can see the green zipper pull through the window, you know with confidence that the encasement’s zipper is properly locked. With its ergonomic shape, everyone will find installation faster and can even be performed while wearing gloves. 

Improving proper installation while reducing call backs, the Zip-N-Click™ feature is found on all CleanBrands encasements.